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Granite & Marble – Selection and Design Tips

While granite and marble can be beautiful and enjoyable, it will be a permanent fixture that you will have to live with for a long time to come. Careful consideration should be taken while selecting and designing your kitchen, bathroom or any other living area.


Color affects the mood and design of the room or the living area. The use of color in determining your selection is very important.

Dark colors with earthy tones have a warm feel. When used with a colored grout that blends, the grids become invisible. When walls are painted similar colors and shades the areas will disappear in the background. This will convey a cozy and warm feel in the room. Repeated cleanings are not necessary and the darker grouts are easier to maintain.

Light colors like ice whites and light blues make the room seem cool. They also open up a room and make it seem larger. If your room has an absence of natural light a lighter colored tile should be your choice. Use light colors in small areas, since it really opens up the room. You can always accent with other items such as shower curtains, soap dishes, waste baskets, and other furnishings.

High gloss glazes will reflect light. When used in dark areas or areas that receive little or no natural light, a high gloss tile will brighten and open up the room.Matte glazes will absorb light and create a softer look and feel where an abundance of natural light is present.


High gloss tiles while being easy to clean, will show water spots more readily than a lower gloss tile. So more frequent cleanings are necessary. Matte Glazes don't show water spots as readily as high gloss glazes but they tend to be a little harder to clean and maintain.

Please check our Glossary section for more Information on Durability and Price-O-Meter to help you select and design.


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